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Content Type: FIRST Robotics Competition
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The FIRST Robotic Competition volunteer role of Crowd Control is a physically active position that requires facilitating smooth pedestrian traffic flow throughout the facility, monitor audience, keep walkways and aisles clear. Effective crowd control is critical to a safe and well-run event. May be asked to perform this duty in different areas of the venue.


  • Restrict team access to Pit prior to morning opening of area; clear Pit of people after close of area
  • Keep aisles, hallways and team traffic pathways clear in the Pit, near the playing field
  • Limits team, volunteer, and public access to field
  • Monitor access to designated Judge and Media/VIP areas
  • Prohibit teams from "saving" blocks of seats
  • Provide directions, i.e., to bathroom, concessions, Pit, Emergency Medical Technicians

Experience and Skills Needed

  • FIRST experience not required
  • Outgoing, friendly personality
  • Strong interpersonal/communication skills
  • Ability to take charge; be assertive, but tactful
  • Ability to move about facility
  • General knowledge of facility and event layout
  • Adults preferred, older teens may be considered

Time Commitment

  • Commitment:     Minimum one day + training
  • Approximate times:
Day Times
Practice Day (day before the competition) 7:00am - End of Day
Day One of the Competition 7:00am - End of Day
Day Two of the Competition 7:00am - End of Day

Note: Event schedules vary. Please check the event schedule and talk to your Volunteer Coordinator, for detailed information on when you are expected to arrive. Volunteers should arrive on site 15-20 minutes prior to start of every shift in order to allow time to check in at the Volunteer Registration table.


Event Manager or Volunteer Coordinator conducts training on site and provides guidance during the competition.

Reporting Relationships and Supervision

Direct supervision: Event Manager

On-site guidance: Volunteer Coordinator

*Please Note: some events will conduct a pre-event evening Volunteer Orientation and Training.