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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Training & Resources


As part of our commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community for all our participants, we have partnered with leading organizations to create complimentary trainings on how you can inspire the youth voice, create a sense of belonging, and more.

Coach & Mentor Trainings

FIRST knows that culture shapes our biases and beliefs about people based on their age, gender, race, language, (dis)ability, or income level, often without our realization. These resources and trainings will equip us for the work. FIRST has been collaborating with the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) to develop training for coaches, mentors, volunteers, partners and other key stakeholders who work directly with students and are committing to create diverse, inclusive and equitable teams. Through engaging and reflective activities on the power of culture on our interactions with students, these modules will equip us with specific strategies to support community outreach, student participation, persistence, engagement and success.

We have prepared a complimentary, three-part training module course for the FIRST community. This course is free and accessible to anyone. The three interactive course modules each range in 20 - 40 minutes. Complete the modules individually or all at once. We recommend completing each module in one sitting as the certificates generate based on completion of each module.

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Youth Team Member Trainings

Youth participation and development are important to FIRST. Helping young people to develop leadership competencies makes them better to solve societal and community issues. The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion department of I has formed a Youth Advisory Committee to help inspire youth voice and leadership within FIRST.

One of the initial projects of the ED&I Youth Advisory Committee was the assistance in developing equity, diversity, and inclusion training for youth. The Inspiring Youth Voice Training modules and animation video was designed to help youth understand the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion. This training will introduce strategies to help make FIRST a more inclusive environment.

We have prepared three modules and an animation video for FIRST youth participants. Each module and the animation are 2-3 minutes.

Go to Inspiring Youth Voice Training
Gender Equity


  • Put Her FIRST Video Series - A collection of FIRST® LEGO® League videos featuring young women team members.
  • FIRST Like A Girl - #FIRSTLikeAGirl strives to improve the culture of STEM by sharing the experiences of the successful women and girls in FIRST.
  • LGBTQ+ of FIRST - An organization dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance of LGBTQ+ participants in FIRST.
  • You Go Girl - This initiative personifies team dedication to reversing society’s perception of women in engineering by inspiring girls to become involved in STEM fields.
  • Girls Who Code - The organization is building the largest pipeline of future female engineers in the United States. Girls Who Code offers learning opportunities for students and alumni to deepen their computer science skills as well as their confidence.
  • Women in STEM: A Guide to Bridging the Gender Gap - Maryville University Online wants to help educate people on the benefits of a career in STEM fields as well as provide the resources necessary for women, minorities, and people with disabilities to follow their passion and desired career path. This guide provides some information about the current gender and diversity gaps in STEM university studies and careers, reasons for those gaps, and strategies to help promote inclusivity in STEM-related industries.


Disability Inclusion  

Created in collaboration with Kids Included Together (KIT), these webinar training focuses on providing coaches and mentors with a better understanding of some of the challenges youth with disabilities face, and how to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone on their FIRST teams.

Localization & Language Assistance
A critical aspect of being accessible and inclusive is communication with others. The FIRST Localizations & Language Assistance Strategy positions us to meet the communication needs of students experiencing barriers. Students experiencing limited English proficiency and students with hearing, vision, or speech disabilities, should have the opportunity to fully participate in our programs.

Versions of FIRST materials in Spanish

If you need program specific materials in Spanish or another language, please contact to your local Program Delivery Partner or FIRST Customer Service for availability and access to those materials.

FIRST maintains important national Alliance relationships with a network of organizations, corporations, foundations, institutions, colleges and universities, and others that are committed to sustaining key programs that ignite young minds and advocate STEM. These relationships help increase FIRST visibility and provide valuable resources.


At the state/local level, Alliances can have a significant impact in the community by creating more teams, engaging more mentors, and reaching out to more students.

FIRST Alliances:

  • advocate and promote career opportunities in STEM in grades K-12;
  • look to build on existing STEM related programs; and
  • seek ways to engage their memberships in FIRST mentor/coach opportunities as a means of workforce development, increased community involvement, and encouraging their employees to give back to the communities

Learn more about FIRST alliances.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

FIRST is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion. We embrace and encourage differences in race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, income, language, learning difference, or any other characteristics that make our adult-force and students unique.

Exploring, developing and implementing strategies to become more inclusive and ensure access to our programs to all students (as well as access to key supports) is critical for FIRST to reach its goal and mission. ALL young people should have the opportunity to become science and technology leaders. FIRST will remove barriers to program participation for underserved, underrepresented students. Pursuant to that end, FIRST Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion is a concerted, organized effort to develop strategies to make its programs more accessible and inclusive.



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