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What is the FIRST® Volunteer of the Year award?

The FIRST® Volunteer of the Year award is a way for FIRST to recognize volunteers around the world who give extraordinary contributions of time and skills to the FIRST community. Recipients of the FIRST Volunteer of the Year award are role models to the community, demonstrating the core values of FIRST and exemplifying Gracious Professionalism®. Local leadership is encouraged to recognize outstanding volunteers through a FIRST Volunteer of the Year award at local events. FIRST program staff along with Program Delivery Partners nominate volunteers to be considered for the FIRST Volunteer of the Year award each year and the recipients of the award are recognized at FIRST Championship. Recipients are selected by FIRST HQ staff based on the impact of their contribution to a FIRST program, their time or effort given, and their exemplification of the core values of FIRST.

2023 Recipients

Learn more about our 2023 recipients on this blog post.

Name Program Location
Ali Marinari FIRST® Robotics Competition Pennsylvania, USA
Chris Johannesen FIRST® Tech Challenge California, USA
Nathan and Nicole Coulombe FIRST® LEGO® League Explore Indiana, USA
Teresa Lanum FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Mississippi, USA

2022 Recipients

Learn more about our 2022 recipients on this blog post.

Name Program Location
Abdulmatin Adeniji FIRST LEGO League Challenge Lagos, Nigeria
Andrew Snape FIRST LEGO League Challenge Billund, Denmark
Chuck Dickerson FIRST Robotics Competition Mississippi, USA
Dr. Patricia Gouws FIRST LEGO League Explore Gauteng, South Africa
Jacob Burroughs FIRST Tech Challenge Illinois, USA

2021 Recipients

Learn more about our 2021 recipients on this blog post.

Name Program Location
Dave Greenley FIRST Robotics Competition Pennsylvania, USA
David Baran FIRST LEGO League Challenge Maryland, USA
Peter Johnson FIRST Robotics Competition California, USA
Rick Ramhap FIRST LEGO League Explore New York, USA
Sofia Ben Souda FIRST LEGO League Challenge Casablan, Morocco
Thomas Barnette FIRST Tech Challenge North Carolina, USA
Trey Woodlief FIRST Tech Challenge North Carolina, USA

2020 Recipients

Name Program Location
Brian Boyer FIRST LEGO League  
Cindy Nader FIRST LEGO League Michigan, USA
Desh Bagley FIRST LEGO League Florida, USA
Kevin Thorp FIRST Tech Challenge South Carolina, USA
Laurie Shimizu FIRST Robotics Competition Minnesota, USA
Phil Malone FIRST Tech Challenge Maryland, USA
Sam Last FIRST LEGO League North Carolina, USA
Sarah Plemmons FIRST Robotics Competition Florida, USA

2019 Recipients

Name Program Location
David Stolz FIRST LEGO League Texas, USA
George Marchant FIRST Tech Challenge New Hampshire, USA
James Lockman FIRST Robotics Competition Maine, USA
Jill Wilker FIRST Tech Challenge California, USA
Julia Wagner FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. North Carolina, USA
Pablo Tomas Hernandez Cruz FIRST LEGO League Jr.  
Pedro Alejandro Yang FIRST LEGO League Denmark
Stacey Jones FIRST LEGO League Florida, USA
Terrell Burch FIRST Robotics Competition South Carolina, USA

2018 Recipients

Name Program Location
Alan Green FIRST LEGO League Israel
Carol Perrotto FIRST Robotics Competition Pennsylvania, USA
Diane Michalczuk FIRST LEGO League Illinois, USA
Ed 'Koko' Patterson FIRST Robotics Competition New York, USA
Jill Zuehlke FIRST LEGO League  
Joyce Walters FIRST LEGO League Jr. Florida, USA
Liz Looney FIRST Tech Challenge  
Lydean and David Spangler FIRST Tech Challenge Virginia, USA

2017 Recipients

Name Program Location
Bob Atkinson FIRST Tech Challenge  
Dave Ellisa FIRST LEGO League Ontario, Canada
Jacob Komar FIRST Robotics Competition Massachusetts, USA
Kevin Ross FIRST Tech Challenge Washington, USA
Rich Berglund FIRST LEGO League Florida, USA
Tim Bennington-David FIRST Robotics Competition Oregon, USA

2016 Recipients

Name Program Location
Chris Morgan FIRST LEGO League New Mexico, USA
Liz Langdon FIRST LEGO League Florida, USA
Mannie Lowe FIRST Tech Challenge Mississippi, USA
MK Baldwin FIRST LEGO League South Carolina, USA
Sandra 'Sandy' Trissell FIRST LEGO League New Mexico, USA

2015 Recipients

Name Program Location
Dale Jordan FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon, USA
Paul George FIRST Robotics Competition  
Priscilla Bennett FIRST LEGO League Jr.  

2004-2014 Recipients

Year Name Program
2014 Allen Bancroft FIRST Robotics Competition
2014 Cynthia Stong FIRST Robotics Competition
2014 Laura Schantz FIRST LEGO League
2014 Mark Daniels FIRST LEGO League
2014 Nicole Adewale FIRST LEGO League
2014 Stephen Scherr FIRST LEGO League
2014 Susie Mathieu FIRST Tech Challenge
2013 Al Skierkiewicz FIRST Robotics Competition
2013 Dave Price FIRST LEGO League Jr.
2013 Kathie Rueter FIRST LEGO League
2013 Kenny Meesters FIRST LEGO League
2013 Mary Ellen Toebes FIRST Tech Challenge
2013 Randall Hicks FIRST LEGO League
2012 Aidan Browne FIRST Robotics Competition
2012 Alice Wolfe FIRST LEGO League Jr.
2012 Danny Diaz FIRST LEGO League
2012 Ernie DiCicco FIRST LEGO League
2012 Patty Smith FIRST LEGO League
2011 Cathy Swider FIRST LEGO League
2011 Ceci (Cecilia) Neuman FIRST Robotics Competition
2011 Charlie and Cynthia Schmitz FIRST LEGO League
2011 Mark Edelman FIRST Tech Challenge
2010 Jake Ingman FIRST LEGO League
2010 John Toebes FIRST Tech Challenge
2010 Laura Melnik FIRST LEGO League
2010 Vincent Wilczynski FIRST Robotics Competition
2009 Dave Lavery FIRST Robotics Competition
2009 Vince Frascella FIRST Tech Challenge
2008 Michael Coleman FIRST Tech Challenge
2008 Mike Wade FIRST Robotics Competition
2007 Joe Perrotto FIRST Tech Challenge
2007 Karen Berger FIRST LEGO League
2007 Mark Koors FIRST Robotics Competition
2007 Ruel Faruque FIRST LEGO League
2007 Shane Barnett FIRST LEGO League
2007 Dave Patterson FIRST LEGO League
2007 Jenny Totten FIRST LEGO League
2007 Jim Hicks FIRST LEGO League
2006 Bill and Susan Duggins FIRST LEGO League
2006 Bill McGowen FIRST LEGO League
2006 Dave Brooks FIRST LEGO League
2006 Jena Daniels FIRST LEGO League
2006 Kevin Lambe FIRST LEGO League
2005 Marvin 'Skip' Gridley FIRST LEGO League
2005 Robert 'Benge' Ambrogi FIRST Robotics Competition
2005 Walt Hicock FIRST LEGO League
2004 Camille Schroeder FIRST LEGO League
2004 Marc Couture FIRST LEGO League