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More Than Robots…AWARDS!

Jan 25, 2017 Written by FIRST Staff.


Digital Animation Award

Written by Jamee Luce, FIRST Robotics Competition Team Advocate.

Are you a digital artist? The Digital Animation Award helps put the A in STEAM! We want all our teams to participate in this amazing opportunity offered by Automation Direct (They made the Game Animation!).

The deadline is right around the corner: Friday, January 31, 2017 at 11:59pm Eastern Time, so get animating! Details about the award, including how to submit are here.


Dean’s List Award

Written by Miriam Somero, FIRST Robotics Competition Area Manager.

Does your team have 1 or 2 Sophomores or Juniors in high school who are team leaders? Who have helped increase community awareness about FIRST? Who are also top notch members of the mechanical or electrical team?

Your team should nominate them for the FIRST Dean’s List Award! The deadline is just a couple weeks away: Thursday, February 16 at 3PM Eastern Time.

This is a hard deadline! Teams nominate, but the mentors must complete the nomination in the Team Management System by the deadline.

Check out the new Dean’s List Award Resource page with some helpful hints in completing the nomination. Once the nominations close, students and mentors will receive an email within a week confirming which Regional Event the student is interviewing or if in a District, the mentor will be contacted to set up which event the student will interview.

Check out this quote from a past Dean’s List Award Finalist:

“I think being a Dean's List Finalist added a lot to my [college application] and maybe helped me get in. I will never quite forget the way one admissions officer's eyes lit up when I told him I was a Dean's List Finalist. Being a Dean's List Finalist also helped me connect to other FIRST students on campus over a common interests.”


Chairman's and Woodie Flowers Award

Written by Lori Burkhamer, FIRST Robotics Competition Area Manager.

Important award submission deadlines coming up! 

  • Chairman’s Award and Woodie Flowers Award – Thursday, February 9th at 3PM Eastern Time

  • Entrepreneurship Award  – Thursday, February 16th at 3PM Eastern Time

Entries must be submitted by a student award submitter in the Youth Team Member Registration (STIMS) by 3:00 pm Eastern Time.

Find all the details on these awards here

Please take careful note of these dates and that the submission deadline time is Eastern Time.

Every year we get anxious calls and emails from teams that missed the deadline. That is not a place you want to be, and FIRST HQ doesn’t want you to be there either. As you know, the best way to plan to be on time is to plan to be early. Please give yourselves an internal deadline at least a day earlier than the real deadline so you have some breathing room in case the unexpected happens. Remember, you can submit and then update your submission up until the deadline.

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