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2018 Digital Animation Award sponsored by Automation Direct winner! And more on Power Cube Covers!

Feb 09, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.



2018 Digital Animation Award sponsored by Automation Direct

We have a winner! The winner of this season’s Digital Animation Award is FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1317, Digital Fusion, from Westerville, Ohio, USA!

The judges said “Clever Story – it was laugh out loud! This one was extremely well executed! Fantastic animation, timing, rendering, great demonstration of the 12 Principles of Animation.” And it made me laugh out loud also! Check it out below:


Thanks so much to Automation Direct for sponsoring this award. Automation Direct also provided us with our game animation again this year, which once again was terrific. We also want to thank animation company Theory Studios for doing the judging! All submissions were judged on Animation Mastery, Clever Story, and Execution, and when the results were tallied Digital Fusion came out on top. And yeah, this is their second year winning this award!


More on Power Cube Covers

In this blog,we provided links to information to help teams sew their own Power Cube Covers. FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4546, Shockwave, from Dover, New Hampshire, USA has created an instructional video based on that information. You can find it here. Thanks, Shockwave!



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