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Supplement Resources and the Event Rules Manual

Jan 07, 2019 Written by Frank Merrick.



Supplemental Resources from The Compass Alliance FIRST Robotics Competition

Supplemental Resources

As you know, participating in FIRST Robotics Competition can be overwhelming. We also know that regardless of what we publish to help teams, there is likely more that could be published.


In an effort to provide more resources to our teams, we have partnered with The Compass Alliance to create some supplemental resources that will help our teams navigate our program more effectively. The Compass Alliance is an organization of FIRST Robotics Competition teams whose mission is to help teams sustain and grow. They have a number of resources available to teams, including a 24/7 Call Center, a Tag Team remote mentoring resource, Help Hubs, a Resource Repository, and Hear For You. We are very excited about this partnership, as we believe that for many challenging issues the team perspective is often the most helpful one.


We are starting by publishing a number of resources created by them in our Resource Library, and we will be adding more throughout the season. The resources we place in our Resource Library have been reviewed by and approved for publication by FIRST. We think they are great! If your team wants to help with the process or if you have a specific idea for a new resource, please don’t hesitate to send your suggestions either to the compass alliance at or to


You can find these new resources in the Resource Library! 


Event Rules Manual

Attending FIRST Robotics Competition events is often one of the most rewarding activities of the season! However, it can also be frustrating, if teams are unsure what to do (or what not to do) or where to go. We have modified the Event Rules & Expectations page on the FIRST website to hold only the information (non-rules) portion of the Event Experience. We have created a specific Rules Manual, just for the Event Rules themselves. You can find those rules on the Game & Season page, on the Event Experience page, as well as in the Game & Season Manual. Here is a direct link for reference.


If teams have questions regarding any of these rules, please note that the Q&A system will open on Wednesday, January 9 at Noon ET. Teams can ask questions about the Event Rules Manual the same way teams can ask questions about the Game & Season Manual.


I hope everyone had a great Kickoff! I can’t wait to see what creative solutions you come up with to this season’s game!




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Hey Richard! The official method for posting DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE related questions is the Game Q&A. You will find a link to the Game Q&A once it opens up on the Game & Season Materials webpage.

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Hi Jack!

The official method for posting DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE related questions is the Game Q&A. You can find the Q&A here:


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