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Congratulations to our 2021 FIRST Innovation Challenge Semi-Finalists!

Apr 15, 2021 Written by FIRST Staff



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We are beyond excited to announce this year’s FIRST Innovation Challenge presented by Qualcomm semi-finalists. These game-changing FIRST Robotics Competition teams were chosen for demonstrating creativity and originality, while successfully articulating how their innovation could impact the world for generations to come, and are one step closer to advancing to the Global Innovation Awards in June! A special thank you to all teams that participated this season and congratulations to this year’s FIRST Innovation Challenge semi-finalists! 

If your team was chosen as a FIRST Innovation Challenge presented by Qualcomm semi-finalist, please be on the lookout for an email with more information containing next steps. 

Team Number Team Name Region Group FIRST Innovation Challenge Title
8 Paly Robotics Greater San Francisco Bay Region Cobalt SightWalk
20 The Rocketeers New York & Quebec Region Lithium I-Roll
85 B.O.B. (Built on Brains) FIRST in Michigan District Silicon Zeel's Legs of Steel
115 MVRT Greater San Francisco Bay Region Argon Excernomic Chair
172 Northern Force NE FIRST District Vanadium The Seeing Wall
223 Xtreme Heat FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Fluorine Endurance - The Search and Rescue UAV
230 Gaelhawks NE FIRST District Neon Talon IntelliBrace x360
291 CIA - Creativity In Action Upper Ohio River Region Sulfur No Strain, No Pain
341 Miss Daisy FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Scandium ActiveAscension
461 Westside Boiler Invasion FIRST Indiana District Copper Calming Utilitarian Box of Encouragement - CUBE
547 Falcon Engineering And Robotics Southern Appalachian Region Sodium All-Around Resistance!
548 Robostangs FIRST in Michigan District Magnesium Portable Laser Agility Ladder for Exercise
555 Montclair Robotics FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Aluminium R.E.A.C.H.
578 R-cubed - Red Raider Robotics New York & Quebec Region Chlorine R Cubed VR
597 The Wolverines Greater Los Angeles Region Potassium Para-prance
862 Lightning Robotics FIRST in Michigan District Sulfur PaxZana - PTSD Mitigation System
867 Absolute Value Greater Los Angeles Region Argon Helioarc
900 The Zebracorns FIRST North Carolina District Scandium Insoul
971 Spartan Robotics Greater San Francisco Bay Region Iron T.E.A.R. (Testing and Evaluating ACL Risks)
1038 Lakota Robotics Upper Ohio River Region Lithium DuraCrutch
1086 Blue Cheese FIRST Chesapeake District Boron Automated Boccia Ramp
1155 SciBorgs New York & Quebec Region Oxygen GIO (Global Interaction Opportunity)
1360 Orbit Robotics FIRST Ontario District Vanadium AthletiCrate
1374 Amped Up FIRST Ontario District Chromium Dean’s Arm
1403 Cougar Robotics FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Iron SmartBell
1468 Hicksville J-Birds New York & Quebec Region Copper Aureum
1511 Rolling Thunder New York & Quebec Region Oxygen FIT-Net (Fitness Inspired by Technology)
1533 Triple Strange FIRST North Carolina District Neon Neuropros
1810 Jaguar Robotics MoKan Region Sodium Smart Move Yoga
1868 Space Cookies Greater San Francisco Bay Region Chlorine Don't Stop ME Now
1902 Exploding Bacon Florida Region Hydrogen NISA- Neurologic Supportive Aid
2231 OnyxTronix FIRST Israel Calcium EasyBusy - the loneliness of elderly
2338 Gear It Forward Illinois Region Manganese Firebrand Inclusive Technologies
2403 Plasma Robotics Southwestern Region Boron Plasma Paws: The Get Fit Bear
2471 Team Mean Machine Pacific Northwest District Magnesium Power Assist Pivot Disk
2473 Goldstrikers Greater San Francisco Bay Region Aluminium Fitness Flash
2509 Tigerbots Upper Midwest Region Argon The Tigerbot Treadle
2526 Crimson Robotics Upper Midwest Region Hydrogen Buddy and Mind
2530 Inconceivable Upper Midwest Region Calcium Omniscient Executive Summary
2551 Penguin Empire Greater San Francisco Bay Region Chromium Ball-E (Benefitting, Arms, Legs and Lives Electronically
2554 The WarHawks FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Manganese VisualEyes
2585 Impact FIRST in Texas District Nickel Kolubra
2590 Nemesis FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Copper BeneFit
2607 The Fighting RoboVikings FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Nitrogen +PT - It's Physical Therapy with a PLUS
2619 The Charge FIRST in Michigan District Fluorine A Reusable Self-Charging N95 Sports Mask
2849 Ursa Major FIRST Chesapeake District Beryllium Velociracers
3201 Ross Rambotics Upper Ohio River Region Beryllium Frostec Cooling Cap
3211 The Y  Team FIRST Israel Nitrogen Snoezelen
3314 Mechanical Mustangs FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Silicon COPD Comfort Breath Mask
3324 The Metrobots Upper Ohio River Region Phosphorus Pottish: Your Workplace Fitness Companion
3504 Girls of Steel Upper Ohio River Region Carbon BuzzBandSM: Exercise Motivator for Youth with Autism
3616 Team Phenomena Southeastern Region Phosphorus Pheno-Advance 3616
3636 Generals Pacific Northwest District Potassium Grabber 2.0
3637 The Daleks FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Hydrogen Fitness-Link
3749 Team Optix Greater San Diego Region Lithium VRSS - Virtual Reality Safety Scanner
3792 The Army Ants MoKan Region Boron SPOCKS (Sensor Platform for Orthopedic Compliance after Knee Surgery)
3928 Team Neutrino Midwestern Plains Region Magnesium Team Neutrino: creating the “Opportunity,” a competitive swimsuit for Hijabi swimmers
3937 Breakaway Southeastern Region Phosphorus Switzer
4010 PrepaTec - Nautilus Mexico Region Scandium FunMat
4013 Clockwork Mania Florida Region Titanium Helping Hand
4039 MakeShift Robotics FIRST Ontario District Iron Sledge Hockey Redesign Inspired by Paralympian
4079 Quantum Leap Greater Los Angeles Region Nickel Witness the Fitness
4146 Sabercats Southwestern Region Neon The Botanical Buddy
4192 Flower Mound Tech Club Jaguar Robotics FIRST in Texas District Argon SOLVIT
4237 Team Lance-A-Bot FIRST in Michigan District Calcium Omni-Axle
4253 Raid Zero Pacific Region Vanadium NATASHA (Neural-Network Augmented Therapy Assistance Stroke Healing Approach)
4308 ABSOLUTE ROBOTICS FIRST Ontario District Cobalt Fitness Fighters
4322 Clockwork Oranges Greater Los Angeles Region Copper Stand Up and Go: The Posture Piece
4499 The Highlanders Rocky Mountain Region Potassium Enhancing Road safety for pedestrians while exercising
4586 PRIMO FIRST Israel Nickel EasyMotion
4669 Galileo Robotics Greater San Francisco Bay Region Sodium Angel of Fitness - An Exercising Game
4775 Aztech Robotics Mexico Region Titanium TETONALLI
4786 Nicolet FEAR Wisconsin Region Chromium The Special Walking Aid Gadget (SWAG)
4926 GalacTech FIRST Indiana District Oxygen Solving the Solo Tennis Player Problem
4939 Allspark9 FIRST Ontario District Helium PlayFit
5006 Apophis Southeastern Region Chlorine Kaylon
5104 BreakerBots Greater San Francisco Bay Region Iron LifePole
5109 Gladiator Robotics Peachtree District Cobalt Petometer
5276 Edgar Allan Ohms Florida Region Silicon Robocharger
5406 Celt-X FIRST Ontario District Hydrogen LightPad
5422 Stormgears FRC NE FIRST District Titanium Exerverse
5427 Steel Talons FIRST in Texas District Vanadium Quick-Break
5458 Digital Minds Greater Central Valley Region Cobalt IMUnstoppable
5526 Peñoles - TCATs Mexico Region Sodium Mental Health and well-being
5553 Robo'Lyon Central Asia, Africa, and Europe Region Phosphorus Walk Assistant
5740 Trojanators Upper Ohio River Region Carbon Button Buddy - Changing the Game
5876 ARTEMIS Pacific Region Sulfur Backtrack
5940 B.R.E.A.D. Greater San Francisco Bay Region Scandium Circulatio: Thermal Wear with No Fear
5985 Project Bucephalus Pacific Region Beryllium ArcticSkate: an ice-skating wheelchair
6024 R Factor Central Asia, Africa, and Europe Region Neon KINE-MINE
6122 Potential Energy FIRST in Michigan District Potassium FootNote
6344 Yale Jiggawattz FIRST in Michigan District Lithium FIDGIGRIP
6418 The Missfits Greater San Francisco Bay Region Oxygen PØP
6421 WarriorBots Wisconsin Region Fluorine Adaptive Household Helper
6479 AZTECH Robotics Southwestern Region Aluminium Swish! Connect: Master Motor Skills through Adaptive Technology
6652 Tigres Mexico Region Manganese Therapplay
6823 USM Robotics - Wildcats Wisconsin Region Helium RoboBall
6897 Astraea Robotics FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Chlorine Runner's Sense
6988 ACI 35 Turkish Region Nitrogen READY, SET, PINK
7421 PrepaTec - OVERTURE Mexico Region Boron Smart Breathing
7454 Huskies on Hogs FIRST Indiana District Silicon Sport Signal
7472 R2 Jesu Robotics MoKan Region Calcium Soteria
7480 Machine Mavericks FIRST Ontario District Manganese AquaCue – A Swim Guide for the Visually Impaired
7504 Cybearbots New York & Quebec Region Nickel Way-to-Go Cane
7563 SESI SENAI MEGAZORD Caribbean + South American Region Nitrogen PERSONAL ROBOT
7566 SESI SENAI NIÓBIO Caribbean + South American Region Fluorine Acesportes
7567 SESI SENAI SÃO PAULO OCTOPUS Caribbean + South American Region Helium O.S.A (Octo Sustainable Arm)
8027 Not the Droids You Are Looking For Upper Ohio River Region Carbon Vitruvio: Exercising the Right Way
8077 Delmar Robotics Engineers At MADE MoKan Region Aluminium MoodFit
8096 Cache Money Illinois Region Sulfur RETRO (Rebuilding Education to Realize Opportunity) -FIT
8231 BWW Pacific Region Beryllium SonicStairs
8235 Beyond the Flames Pacific Region Carbon Where's My Trainer?
8570 Binary-Bolts Central Asia, Africa, and Europe Region Helium SAATHI
8575 The Due Westerners Southern Appalachian Region Magnesium Rehabilitating Athletic Tubing Exerciser (R.A.T.E.)
8617 G-FORCE Central Asia, Africa, and Europe Region Titanium APOLLO [Acupressure On Located Lines of Organs]

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Thank you to all the volunteer judges and the people who organized this event.  It has given hope to students in the STEM world during these difficult times.  Would like to know how many teams participated in the Innovation Challenge worldwide?


--alejandro peralta

Team 4079 Quantum Leap

A lot of amazing teams listed here. Can't wait to see the projects in action.

When are the finalist results going to be released? The manual says May 7th however I cannot find them being publicly released anywhere. Was the finalist email sent only to the winners or are the results just going to be posted a bit later? Thank you so much!

The FIRST Global Innovation Awards is currently wrapping up judging this week, the week of May 10th. On Monday the 17th, Semi-Finalists can expect a direct email communication from letting them know if they will be one of the top 20 teams from each program invited to participate in the remote event on June 28-30th and continue to vie for awards. Stay tuned too for the posting on social media of a video that announces the top 60 teams. 

When are winners names going to be released? The official site says on April 29th and during the last day of WearRAcin2021; however, I cannot find them being publicly released anywhere. Can you comment on this, please? Thank you!

All teams received an email communication on  Monday, and you can see the list of Finalists in yesterday's blog.  

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