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INFINITE RECHARGESM at Home Challenge Skills Competition Winners and Finalists

Apr 21, 2021 Written by Ted Hood, Kit of Parts Engineer




We are happy to announce the Skills Competition Winners and Finalists for the INFINITE RECHARGESM at Home Challenge. As of April 8th, 1,302 teams from 52 groups submitted and locked in 8,969 videos of robots totaling in 995 GB of data. With the review complete, we have finalized the scores for every group. As always, we are truly amazed at what teams have completed this season.

Congratulations on your hard work this season! If you want to know where you placed in your group, you can find it on the FRC events page.

If your team is one of the winners or finalists, please be on the lookout for an email requesting shipping information.

Team Number Team Name Location Group Award
16 Bomb Squad Mountain Home, Arkansas (USA) Indium  Winner
33 Killer Bees Auburn Hills, Michigan (USA) Magnesium  Winner
74 Team CHAOS Holland, Michigan (USA) Nitrogen  Finalist
88 TJ² Bridgewater, Massachusetts (USA) Copper  Finalist
111 WildStang Arlington Heights, Illinois (USA) Krypton  Winner
118 Robonauts League City, Texas (USA) Beryllium  Winner
125 NUTRONs Boston, Massachusetts (USA) Zirconium  Winner
144 The R.O.C.K Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) Ruthenium  Finalist
148 Robowranglers Greenville, Texas (USA) Helium  Winner
226 Hammerheads Troy, Michigan (USA) Potassium  Winner
302 The Dragons Lake Orion, Michigan (USA) Selenium  Winner
340 G.R.R. (Greater Rochester Robotics) Churchville, New York (USA) Strontium  Finalist
359 Hawaiian Kids Waialua, Hawaii (USA) Molybdenum  Winner
364 Team Fusion Gulfport, Mississippi (USA) Technetium  Winner
401 Copperhead Robotics Christiansburg, Virginia (USA) Cadmium  Winner
503 Frog Force Novi, Michigan (USA) Silicon  Winner
649 MSET Fish Saratoga, California (USA) Carbon  Finalist
836 The RoboBees Hollywood, Maryland (USA) Helium  Finalist
862 Lightning Robotics Canton, Michigan (USA) Tin  Finalist
870 TEAM  R. I. C. E.   Southold, New York (USA) Antimony  Finalist
910 The Foley Freeze Madison Heights, Michigan (USA) Aluminium  Finalist
971 Spartan Robotics Mountain View, California (USA) Scandium  Finalist
973 Greybots Atascadero, California (USA) Titanium  Finalist
1073 The Force Team Hollis, New Hampshire (USA) Zinc  Winner
1318 Issaquah Robotics Society  Issaquah, Washington (USA) Tellurium  Winner
1425 Error Code Xero Seattle, Washington (USA) Chlorine  Finalist
1519 Mechanical Mayhem currently meeting in Bedford, New Hampshire (USA) Manganese  Finalist
1577 Steampunk Raanana, HaMerkaz (Israel) Arsenic  Finalist
1619 Up-A-Creek Robotics Longmont, Colorado (USA) Lithium  Finalist
1678 Citrus Circuits Davis, California (USA) Hydrogen  Winner
1684 The Chimeras  Lapeer, Michigan (USA) Tin  Winner
1730 Team Driven Lees Summit, Missouri (USA) Argon  Winner
1731 Fresta Valley Robotics Club Warrenton, Virginia (USA) Potassium  Finalist
1792 Round Table Robotics Oak Creek, Wisconsin (USA) Iron  Finalist
1796 RoboTigers Queens, New York (USA) Hydrogen  Finalist
1816 The Green Machine Edina, Minnesota (USA) Gallium  Winner
1983 Skunk Works Robotics Seattle, Washington (USA) Antimony  Winner
1986 Team Titanium Lees Summit, Missouri (USA) Tellurium  Finalist
2137 The Oxford RoboCats Oxford, Michigan (USA) Iron  Winner
2202 BEAST Robotics Brookfield, Wisconsin (USA) Krypton  Finalist
2337 EngiNERDs Grand Blanc, Michigan (USA) Silver  Winner
2341 Sprockets Shawnee, Oklahoma (USA) Indium  Finalist
2451 PWNAGE Saint Charles, Illinois (USA) Chlorine  Winner
2468 Team Appreciate Austin, Texas (USA) Calcium  Winner
2481 Roboteers Tremont, Illinois (USA) Chromium  Winner
2539 Krypton Cougars Palmyra, Pennsylvania (USA) Bromine  Winner
2582 PantherBots Lufkin, Texas (USA) Yttrium  Finalist
2658 Σ-Motion San Diego, California (USA) Fluorine  Winner
2687 Team Apprentice Austin, Texas (USA) Silicon  Finalist
2767 Stryke Force Kalamazoo, Michigan (USA) Titanium  Winner
2834 Bionic Black Hawks Bloomfield Twp, Michigan (USA) Germanium  Winner
2910 Jack in the Bot Mill Creek, Washington (USA) Rhodium  Winner
2987 Rogue Robotics Farmington, Minnesota (USA) Fluorine  Finalist
2992 The S.S. Prometheus Mandeville, Louisiana (USA) Sodium  Winner
3015 Ranger Robotics Spencerport, New York (USA) Sulfur  Winner
3130 The ERRORs Woodbury, Minnesota (USA) Bromine  Finalist
3173 IgKnighters Rochester, New York (USA) Ruthenium  Winner
3257 Vortechs Roseville, California (USA) Phosphorus  Winner
3310 Black Hawk Robotics Heath, Texas (USA) Vanadium  Winner
3339 BumbleB Kfar Yona, HaMerkaz (Israel) Nickel  Finalist
3538 RoboJackets Auburn Hills, Michigan (USA) Oxygen  Winner
3630 Stampede Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) Copper  Winner
3695 Foximus Prime Yorkville, Illinois (USA) Rhodium  Finalist
3792 Army Ants Columbia, Missouri (USA) Aluminium  Winner
3928 Team Neutrino Ames, Iowa (USA) Nickel  Winner
3937 Breakaway Searcy, Arkansas (USA) Germanium  Finalist
3940 CyberTooth Kokomo, Indiana (USA) Arsenic  Winner
3986 Express-O Saint-Laurent, Québec (Canada) Zirconium  Finalist
4020 Cyber Tribe Kingsport, Tennessee (USA) Silver  Finalist
4096 Ctrl-Z Champaign, Illinois (USA) Neon  Finalist
4143 MARS/ WARS Metamora, Illinois (USA) Calcium  Finalist
4188 Columbus Space Program Columbus, Georgia (USA) Cobalt  Winner
4253 Raid Zero Taipei, Taipei Special Municipality (Chinese Taipei) Niobium  Finalist
4265 Secret City Wildbots Oak Ridge, Tennessee (USA) Technetium  Finalist
4342 Demon Robotics Kennett Square, Pennsylvania (USA) Carbon  Winner
4381 Twisted Devils Richland, Michigan (USA) Phosphorus  Finalist
4388 Ridgebotics Fort Collins, Colorado (USA) Sulfur  Finalist
4400 CERBOTICS TORREON, Coahuila (Mexico) Scandium  Winner
4414 HighTide Ventura, California (USA) Chromium  Finalist
4499 The Highlanders Fort Collins, Colorado (USA) Rubidium  Winner
4512 Otter Chaos Everett, Washington (USA) Niobium  Winner
4611 OZone Robotics Lewis Center, Ohio (USA) Sodium  Finalist
4613 Barker Redbacks Sydney, New South Wales (Australia) Magnesium  Finalist
4905 Andromeda One Ayer, Massachusetts (USA) Boron  Finalist
4907 Thunderstamps St. Thomas, Ontario (Canada) Nitrogen  Winner
5006 Apophis Fayetteville, Arkansas (USA) Cobalt  Finalist
5086 Cadillac Connectors Cadillac, Michigan (USA) Yttrium  Winner
5199 Robot Dolphins From Outer Space San Juan Capistrano, California (USA) Argon  Finalist
5414 Pearadox Pearland, Texas (USA) Molybdenum  Finalist
5434 Falcon Robotics Faribault, Minnesota (USA) Cadmium  Finalist
5460 Strike Zone Lapeer, Michigan (USA) Beryllium  Finalist
5687 The Outliers Portland, Maine (USA) Boron  Winner
5847 Ironclad Bradley, Illinois (USA) Zinc  Finalist
6122 Potential Energy Bear Lake, Michigan (USA) Selenium  Finalist
6153 Blue Crew Farmington, Maine (USA) Rubidium  Finalist
6328 Mechanical Advantage Littleton, Massachusetts (USA) Neon  Winner
6429 4th Dimension Bornova, Izmir (Turkey) Gallium  Finalist
6517 So-Kno Robo  Knoxville, Tennessee (USA) Palladium  Winner
6560 Charging Champions Irvine, California (USA) Lithium  Winner
6574 Ferradermis Whitewater, Wisconsin (USA) Oxygen  Finalist
7160 Ludington O-Bots Ludington, Michigan (USA) Palladium  Finalist
7563 SESI SENAI MEGAZORD Jundiaí, São Paulo (Brazil) Vanadium  Finalist
7566 SESI SENAI NIÓBIO Campinas, São Paulo (Brazil) Manganese  Winner
8332 Alternate Reality Rochester, Michigan (USA) Strontium  Winner
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I see that you have 1425 - Error Code Xero listed as being out of Seattle, WA, but I thought they were out of Wilsonville, OR? Did the team somehow move?

Good question! Team location data is self-reported by the team in their FIRST Dashboard. Changes reported are usually updated across other systems within approximately one day. We’ll let the team know a question was asked about their location.

Hi there - I checked out our team's ranking in the Chromium group and we have a question regarding the scoring. Is the Overall Score the sum of the 5 challenge scores? If so then our score was not properly calculated. Who can help with this?

Per bullet 3 of Section 2.4.11 the Overall Score is the sum of a team's three (3) highest Computed Scores, not all five (5) scores.

When will the results of the judged portion be announced? Is that part of the skills challenge?

Districts and Regions will host their own award show broadcasts to announce winners. These shows will recognize any teams within the Region/District that have won any award this season (this includes all Judged Awards for all challenges + the traditionally submitted awards). Check out the 2021 Award's show webpage to see when your area will be hosting the remote awards ceremony. We will keep updating this page as more information is given to us by each region’s contacts.

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