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Oct 05, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick.


2021 Team Registration opens October 6 at Noon ET! FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics Competition Team registration officially opens at Noon Eastern Time on Tuesday, October 6! Are you in? I hope so!


Since we don't have in-person events to register for currently, we need to run things a little differently. You will need to confirm your participation in the season by following the instructions here. (It's also linked on the INFINITE RECHARGE page here.) This tells us you are in, lets us apply any grants you have, and lets you pay any balance. You don't need to tell us which of the 2021 Season Challenges you wish to participate in right now. You can join any or all when the time comes!


I hope you join us in the pool! The water is awesome!


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Will there be an opportunity for late registration if a later evaluation determines that in person events will be held after all?

Only if you "pay" for the right.  You have to register and pay for the all virtual content first, otherwise they won't allow you the right to hope and pray for in person events later (if they deem covid safe enough)...


Hello Aaron!

Yes, we will continue to welcome teams to register for the 2021 season after the Payment Due Date of November 16. As we said here, missing the payment due date does not mean you have missed out on the season, though you may get your Kickoff Kit late and miss out on the most popular FIRST Choice items. It’s also important to consider the award deadlines, because once they pass, there will be no opportunity to submit late. Award dates will be announced soon.


If we do decide to host in-person events, teams who wish to participate in those in-person events will be required to pay the season registration fee along with the additional in-person event registration fee. 



Jamee Luce, Team Advocate

FIRST Robotics Competition

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