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Kickoff Saturday!!!

Jan 07, 2022 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition




I went to my first ever New England Patriots football game Sunday. I went with friends who had gone many times before and knew the drill. We got to the parking lot hours before the game, we tailgated, we toured the sports complex, we went to the game and the Patriots won. It was an amazing experience, and there was even a Kickoff – more than one actually, but I was not nearly as excited about it as I am for the FIRST Robotics Competition RAPID REACTSM presented by The Boeing Company Kickoff!

The 2022 FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff celebration presented by Ford is TOMORROW! this Saturday! January 8! Check it out at 12 p.m. (Noon) Eastern Time on FIRSTtv. The pre-show starts at 11:45 a.m. Eastern time to give you a chance to warm up the tubes in your TV, pop some corn, and make sure the antenna is pointed in the right direction.

I am so excited!


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I noticed that the only download for the field VR (found here ) only works for the Oculus Quest. Could we get the version for SteamVR uploaded quickly too? The ONLY reason I download the VR field is so our team can look at it ON kickoff day, there's no point to it if it comes out days later because we end up building our own field elements. The entire point of the virtual field is so you can walk through it as if a kickoff location had built a physical model like they used to years back, giving you an early look at the different elements of the field.

Not having this available on kickoff day sort of defeated the purpose of bringing in and setting up all this VR gear specially for kickoff, only to be unable to use it at all.

Thank you for your note, and I’m sorry that the tools you were expecting weren’t available. The intended purposes of the tools include helping teams visualize the field as soon as possible (and while physical mockups are being fabricated), and also to help teams that don’t have the resources or decide not to build certain physical field replicas. Stay tuned for additional resources as they’re posted and announced in Team Updates. 

In ReadMe_Simple_Full_TE-22000_and_TE-22000-AM.pdf in the Maor field Assembly 1 (simple build) from Playing Field | FIRST ( has the # 4 x 4's of 8' length to be 6. It looks like we may need 4 of them to be of 6' length and 4 of them to be 8' length.

Can a team extend BELOW the frame, to the limit of extension in the rules manual, at the end of the game for the bar hang challenge? Stanroc?

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