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Don’t Miss Key Updates From FIRST®

Dec 28, 2023 Written by Collin Fultz, FIRST Robotics Competition Senior Director




As we prepare for Kickoff and an upcoming busy season, we want to make sure that mentors and key members of your team are receiving important email communications from us!

To help you receive the information you need throughout the season and beyond, we recommend you take a few minutes to review your email communication preferences and, if needed, opt into FIRST® email and update your FIRST email subscription options.

For folks who receive emails from FIRST to a work or school account, you may need to add FIRST as an approved sender.

If you have opted out of receiving emails from FIRST, you need to complete a form to opt back in. To access this form, attempt to subscribe to the FIRST® Robotics Competition team blasts and click on the instructions in the red text. Please note, you will need to confirm your email preferences in the auto-generated email to be opted back into to FIRST communications.


Screenshot of an email text box


You can check or update your preferences at any time by using the “Update Email Preferences” link at the bottom of FIRST communications. We recommend lead mentors 1 & 2 subscribe to the following communication categories for critical season information.

  • FIRST Robotics Competition Blog: FIRST Robotics Competition news, information, and program updates.
  • Grant Communications: Information about FIRST program grants.
  • Registration: Important registration information and reminders for new and returning mentors
  • Surveys: Your opportunity to give feedback on your FIRST experience. These survey results help provide input on what changes to make to the program, so we recommend receiving these emails and providing your feedback!
  • Team Blasts: Weekly team blasts contain important updates regarding events, deadlines, Game/Challenge related info, award submissions, scholarships, etc.
  • Team Updates: FIRST Robotics Competition game manual team updates during the build and competition season.
  • Youth Protection Program: Guidelines, resources, and screening information.
  • FIRST Travel Offers: Informative and timely updates and links regarding team and attendee hotel accommodations and travel discounts for the FIRST Championship. If you are a pre-qualified team for Championship, you’ll need to subscribe to this category.

Additionally, mentors may be interested in the following, but note we do have other subscriptions that can be added at any time:

  • Alumni Communications: Fun and engaging content tailored for alumni. We highly recommend all alumni sign up for this one!
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Communications: Informative and engaging content around our commitment to become more inclusive and ensure access to FIRST programs to all students.
  • FIRST Newsletter: FIRST news, updates, and stories.
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I am trying to register for the state tournament on Feb 3. I have asked for an invoice and never heard. back.

Hi Ginny, please email They will be able to assist you with this inquiry. 

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