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It’s Coming! And More!

Jan 05, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick


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Me, all day today. And I already know the game!


It’s Coming!
Oh yeah, it’s coming! The big FIRST Robotics Competition game reveal during Kickoff! Be ready at 10:30 AM Eastern! The Northeast got hit with a big snowstorm yesterday, but it didn’t slow us down much. Even if it had, we had a buffer day built into the plan so we could still meet our deadline. We are ready!

Tweet Us Game Questions
We’re going to be answering a few game questions live during the Kickoff broadcast. Tweet us your best questions using #AskFIRSTPOWERUP (after the game has been revealed of course!)

We’re trying a few new things this year to improve our communications with teams.

First, you will be able to opt-in to FRC Team email blasts. These blasts contain important information about items like upcoming deadlines and other information teams really need to know. These had been going just to the two lead mentors on teams, but no longer! Parents, team members, and anyone over 13 can sign up here.

Also, you can get weekly digests of the FRC Blogs. These will include links to the last three FRC blogs we released. And who wouldn’t want that? No one. Exactly no one wouldn’t want that. Sign up here.

I’m so excited!


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I like how you have taken your own advice to meet the deadline by planning to be early.


I hope the weekly digest is not an indication that the RSS is going away.

There is an RSS feed? Please post the url on the next blog! (and a link somewhere on the page in the future so people can actually find it!)

The RSS icon has been republished. The feed is available here -


14 hours baby!!!

What happens if you subscribe to the weekly digest and there are more then 3 blog posts in a week?

We've reset the digest to include 4 posts.

I didn't know where else to put this so I'll put it here. There is an error on page 39 that reads' "If an ALLIANCE plays BOOST of FORCE during the time when an opposing ALLIANCE’s POWER UP is active, the POWER UP is queued and becomes active immediately upon the conclusion of the currently active POWER UP." the word "of" between BOOST and FORCE should be changed to "or".

Thanks for finding/sharing! It's been shared with the manual team.

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