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Registration Issues Update #2

Oct 03, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick

This blog is an update to the registration issues we talked about here.

On Friday, we sent emails to the 148 teams affected by our error offering them slots to the preferred event to which we should have assigned them originally. Monday we sent a reminder email to the 63 teams from which we had no response to the first email. We were not necessarily expecting a response from all teams, as we said that if we did not hear from them we would assume they were not interested in switching events, but we wanted to ask twice, just in case the first email was missed.

103 teams responded that they would like to switch events. 45 either responded that they did not wish to switch events, or did not respond at all, so we will be leaving them in the event to which they were initially registered.

Except for two or three teams for which we’re still sorting out minor issues, all of these teams have now been moved to their preferred location. I apologize again for this error. The event assignment code has been re-checked and tested, and this error should not recur during second round preferences.

The event registration system is now open for teams who became ‘event ready’ while we had the system closed, or teams who were ‘event ready’ before the system closed but did not submit preferences. These teams, who have not yet been assigned or waitlisted to any event, will now be able to go in and freely select an event. Teams who have already been assigned or waitlisted to an event will not find this option available to them, as they will need to wait until the second round of preferencing to add a second event.


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For events where there is now space, will the teams that should have made it in to those events be taken off the waitlist and confirmed for those events?  Specifically I'm thinking of, the Northern Lights Regional where it went from 30/30 teams with at least one team on the waitlist for that regional to 28/30 but the team I know is waiting is still unassigned.

It seems reasonable that the next two teams by lottery priority should be added.

Your suggestion seems very fair. Consider it done. It will take us some time to make these moves happen, though, as we have a large number overall to get through!

Tusen tack!

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