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Safety, Safety, Safety

Jan 02, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick

As we get ready to start build season, please take a moment to consider safety. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, over and over; nothing you are doing is worth getting hurt over.

Please review the Safety Manual, updated for the 2018 season and posted on the Safety page. Before things get crazy (and they will!) on Saturday, please take a few minutes to review your build area for safety hazards. Are tools in good order? Potential tripping hazards picked up? Plenty of personal protective equipment available for all? Does everyone know the rules? Just a few minutes up front can prevent a serious accident!

Speaking of safety, we’d like to congratulate the winner of the 2018 Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL. Congratulations, FIRST Robotics Competition team 2877, LigerBots, from Newton, Massachusetts, USA! Their video will be played at many official FRC events this season, and they will be presented with a trophy at one of their events!

Also, congratulations to our four runners-up:

  • FRC Team 8, Paly Robotics, from Palo Alto, California, USA
  • FRC Team 1153, Walpole Robotics, from Walpole, Massachusetts, USA
  • FRC Team 3181, Pittsford Panthers, from Pittsford, New York, USA
  • FRC Team 6024, Team R Factor, from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Congratulations once again to our winner and runners-up! And a big thanks to UL for sponsoring and judging the award!

And everyone – please think safety this season, and always!


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I had the privilege of viewing many of the video submissions and they were amazing.  It's wonderful to see how dedicated you are to FIRST, Safety and the video contest.  Thanks y'all.

Typo?? 3.5.5 [...]To avoid the possibility of shorting out the battery terminals and creating a hazardous situation it is required to cover all exposed battery terminals and connections with appropriate non-insulating material such as electrical tape or tubing. 

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