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A New Team Update, FIRST Choice Opening, Safety Animation Due, Wildcards

Nov 19, 2019 Written by Frank Merrick.

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A New Team Update

Check out Team Update 0.5 here. This update helps address some of the good questions asked in the Q&A. The Q&A is still open for now, but if you have any additional questions after seeing this update, please get them in soon!


FIRST Choice Opening

FIRST Choice opens at Noon Eastern Time this Friday, November 22, and closes at Noon Eastern Time on Wednesday, December 4. FIRST Choice is a lottery and preference system similar to Event preferencing, so it doesn’t matter when you make your priority list, as long as you make it by the deadline. But you want to make it by that deadline! See the details here and the instructional video here.


Safety Animation Due

Just a reminder, submissions for the Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL are due by Thursday, December 5, at 3 PM Eastern Time. Details are here. I’m looking forward to seeing some great animation as we have in the past!



Once again this season, every FIRST Robotics Competition Regional event will have a Wildcard slot to FIRST Championship per the rules you can find here. We are able to offer these additional slots to FIRST Championship because we have the capacity this season. This determination is made season-by-season, though, and we can’t guarantee we will always be able to offer these Wildcards under the same rules.


I’m looking forward to another spectacular season!



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It's been a while since the teaser. Game hints have historically been a great way to keep team excitement and enthusiasm high. Let's bring back a classic game hint.

Wow! What a fantastic idea!!! ;)

We are writing you from Istanbul, Turkey as a Rookie Team. There are only two Regionals in Turkey and approximately 60 Rookie teams involve in these Regionals. That means that 30 Rookie Teams per regional. It is seen that this number is so high compared to other international Regionals having 4 or 5 Rookies in average. So in Turkey it is so hard and have very less chance for a Rookie to be qualified and attend to Huston World Championship. As a Rookie team we have so much willing and effort to experience the Championship. Under these conditions our expectation is to support Rookies to benefit the Wildcard or enable more than one Rookie All Star Award in Regionals with Rookies more. We think that this will be more fair. What do you think?

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