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FIRST Alum Spotlight: Pam Wong

Dec 17, 2019 Written by FIRST Alum Pam Wong

FIRST alum, volunteer, and donor, Pam Wong talks about how the impact of FIRST has led her to give.

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Erin Mitchell

Nov 21, 2019 Written by Iowa State University, College of Engineering News

FIRST alum and mentor Erin Mitchell inspires young women to pursue careers in STEM.

FIRST Robotics Competition Judging Update for FIRST Alumni

Nov 15, 2019 Written by Allen Bancroft & Cindy Stong, FIRST Robotics Competition Co-Chief Judge Advisors

Co-Chief Judge Advisors provide information on the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition judging updates. 

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Jason Markesino

Nov 05, 2019 Written by Robotics Industries Association

FIRST alum and mentor Jason Markesino Earns Prestigious Engineering Leaders Under 40 Award

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Jaci Brunning

Oct 11, 2019 Written by FIRST Alum Jaci Brunning

FIRST helped me break out of my shell, lead, and teach. 

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Erin Ferguson

Sep 11, 2019 Written by FIRST Supporter Leidos

FIRST alum Erin Ferguson has been involved with FIRST since she was 13, which led her to her current role as a distribution engineer with FIRST supporter Leidos.

Scholarship Winner Spotlight: National Fluid Power Association

Jul 24, 2019 Written by National Fluid Power Association

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Katie Johnson

Jul 18, 2019 Written by Katie Johnson, FIRST Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Youth Advisory Committee Member & FIRST Alum

FIRST alum Katie Johnson discusses the impact of her decade as a FIRST participant and her work on the FIRST Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Youth Advisory Committee.

Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Stucker

Jul 08, 2019 Written by Andrew Stucker, FIRST Alum

Today, I am a mechanical engineering student who dreams of working in the aerospace industry. Today, I know where my passion lies, where my future may take me and the kinds of problems I may be solving.

Internship Spotlight: Jocelyn Holman

Jun 19, 2019 Written by Tallo

In partnership with FIRST and Tallo, Lockheed Martin hired FIRST student Jocelyn Holman as a summer intern.