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FIRST Alumni Spotlight: Danielle Sisk

Apr 04, 2017 Written by Danielle Sisk FIRST Alum

We caught up with FIRST Alum and Dean’s List Ward Finalist, Danielle Sisk from FIRST Robotics Competition team Robokong 2493 in Riverside, CA.

FIRST Alumni Spotlight: Marina Dimitrov

Mar 27, 2017 Written by Marina Dimitrov FIRST Alum

We caught up with FIRST Alum, Dean’s List Award Winner, and 2014 Raytheon FIRST Scholarship Recipient Marina Dimitrov from FIRST Robotics Competition, Team 1540 The Flaming Chickens, from Portland, OR.

FIRST Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Burklund

Feb 03, 2017 by Jordan Burklund, FIRST Alum

We caught up with FIRST Alum, Jordan Burklund from FIRST Tech Challenge Team 3550; BETA from Des Moines, IA

FIRST Alumni Spotlight: Ashray Reddy

Feb 02, 2017 Written by Ashray Reddy FIRST Alum

We caught up with FIRST® Alum Ashray Reddy from FIRST Robotics Competition Team 835; The STING! from Beverly Hills, MI.  

FIRST Alumni Spotlight: Naoka Gunawardena

Dec 05, 2016 Written by Naoka Gunawardena FIRST Alum

We caught up with FIRST®Alum Naoka Gunawardena from FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3504; Girls of Steel from Pittsburgh, PA. 

FIRST Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Holladay

Nov 07, 2016 Written by Rachel Holladay, FIRST Alum

We caught up with FIRST® Alumna and Dean’s List Award Winner Rachel Holladay from FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1912; Team Combustion from Slidell, LA.


FIRST Alumni Spotlight: Milka Piszczek

Oct 11, 2016 Written by Milka Piszczek, FIRST Alum

Milka Piszczek is currently attending MIT and studying 6-7 Computer Science and Molecular Biology; before that she was a FIRST VISTA in Maryland from 2014-2015.

Guest Blog: LinkedIn profiles for high school students

May 05, 2016 Written by FIRST Alumna Callie Carbajal

FIRST Alumna Callie Carbajal shares her advice on how to create a LinkedIn Profile as a FIRST Participant

FIRST Scholarship Provider: Kettering University

Jan 06, 2016 Written by Kettering University

Kettering University student Harrison Ford ‘16 was one of 11 individuals appointed to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s MiSTEM Advisory Council on December 23, 2015.

4 Best Websites for College Graduates Seeking Jobs

Dec 18, 2015

Don't be mistaken--looking for a job is a full-time job in and of itself. It's not a task you can juggle between watching TV, napping, and hanging out with friends. If you're serious about landing a good job, you need to dedicate hours each day to the search. The good news is that the following sites have consolidated a lot of the information you need... read more at Inc.