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Content Type: Volunteer
Program: FIRST Robotics Competition
Tags: Training, Volunteer

The Team Load-In/Out Manager for FIRST Robotics Competition ensures the quick, clear, and sage path to guide teams to their designated pit locations upon arrival to the event site, and then to guide them out at the end of the event. This volunteer is critical to the safety of teams, volunteers, and the public during load-in/out processes. This volunteer oversees and trains the Team Load-In/Out Attendants and must be present for the team load-in day(s) and team load-out day.


  • Arrive early and walkthrough Load-In plan with Event Manager and determine where Team Load-In/Out Attendants should be stationed both inside and outside the venue. Ensure that you understand the flow and are prepared to communicate it to other volunteers and teams.
  • Work with the Lead Safety Advisor to ensure safety of all team members and volunteers that are taking part in the load-in/out process.
  • Train and oversee Team Load-In/Out Attendants to ensure they are directing teams properly as they are transporting robots, tool crates, etc. into and out of the event venue
  • Ensure all Team Load-In/Out Attendants know the location to all important areas of the venue (i.e. first aid station, bathroom, volunteer check-in, Pit area, etc.) so they can provide adequate instruction as requested
  • Assist in the team load-in/out process as necessary

Experience and Skills Needed

  • FIRST experience not required
  • Approachable and friendly personality
  • Strong interpersonal/communication skills
  • Ability to lead; take charge; be assertive, but tactful
  • Ability to stand for long periods; walk the length of the facility
  • General knowledge of facility and event layout
  • Quick responsiveness
  • Adults preferred but older teens may be considered

Volunteer Time Commitment

  • Review Pre-event training slides
  • Load In Day - 2 half day commitment (Regionals)
  • Load In Day - 1 half day commitment (Districts)
  • Load Out Day - half day commitment (both Districts & Regionals)

Note 1: Event schedules vary. Please check the event schedule and talk to your Volunteer Coordinator for detailed information on when you are expected to arrive.

Note 2: This position should arrive approximately 1.5 hours prior to the doors opening to teams for a final meeting and placement of volunteer personnel. They should leave enough time upon arrival to check in at Volunteer Registration.


Training Slides - Event Manager provides guidance during the competition.

Reporting Relationships and Supervision

Direct supervision: Event Manager
On-site guidance: Event Manager and Volunteer Coordinator


* Must read and comply with the FIRST Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities