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Judging & Award Updates for the 2022 Season

Aug 26, 2021 Written by Fiona Hanlon, FIRST Robotics Competition Program Specialist

We know that there is still uncertainty about how the 2022 season will look but as Frank previously mentioned, our plan A is a traditional FIRST Robotics Competition season. We wanted to share some updates on the current plan for judging and awards this season.

COVID and First Event Preferencing

Aug 19, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition

I’m certain many of you have been following the COVID news closely. At FIRST, we have been too. 

Championship, Championship, Championship

Aug 11, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition

So much FIRST Championship news!*

New Control System Components: Behind the Scenes

Aug 03, 2021 Written by Greg Needel, REV Robotics Co-Founder, FIRST Alumni & Mentor, & Crown Supplier

Late last month, you may have seen that REV announced details on the new FIRST Robotics Competition control system components that we have been working on since late 2018. 

Building a Skill Portfolio from FIRST Robotics Competition Experience

Jul 08, 2021 Written by Libby Simpson, FIRST Director of Education

One of the goals of teaching is to help students transfer their learning and apply their knowledge. In this sense, mentors of FIRST teams are teachers that assist students in applying expertise to guide them to solve the team's challenges. 

2021 FIRST Robotics Competition Official Season Wrap-Up

Jul 01, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition

I hope you got to join us for our season celebration last week. If not, you can find the video of the celebration on YouTube.

A huge congratulations to all our teams this year. You overcame extraordinary difficulties just to participate!

2021 Season Finale!

Jun 23, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition

What a season it’s been! And it’s not over yet!

Team Registration and Sales Tax

Jun 17, 2021 Written by Danielle Pliska, Vice President of Finance, FIRST

Team registration for the 2022 season is open, and an updated payment process for FIRST Robotics Competition will be launching by July 1. With the launch of the updated payment process coming soon, we want to give teams a heads up about changes you may experience related to sales tax and your registrations with FIRST.

Celebrate Your Mentors With Us!

Jun 14, 2021 Written by WFA Winners Eric Stokely (FRC Teams 258, 360, 2557, & 5295) & Allen Gregory (FRC Team 3847)

There is no denying that this 2020-2021 FIRST season has been unlike anything of us expected. PPE, recruitment for the future, code, CAD, social distancing, “is my Mic on,” online meeting agendas, and any of a thousand other issues were all were jumbled together. However, FIRST has always taught us that the ability to shift to changing circumstances is a life skill, and it was tested pretty heavily this season.

2022 Rookie Awards and District Points

Jun 09, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition

As we did for the 2021 season, we want to make some special accommodations for new teams with respect to eligibility for rookie awards and district points.