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Behind the Lines, Safety Animation, and FIRST Championship Housing

Dec 05, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick.


Behind the Lines

The next episode of Behind the Lines premieres Wednesday, December 6th, at 8 PM Eastern Time here!

This show will focus on how FIRST Robotics Competition teams can best use COTS parts in the upcoming build season*, and touch briefly upon how to use this knowledge with FIRST Choice. This is an episode that both rookies and veterans will find valuable! Tune in live to ask questions from our guest expert, Justin Foss from Team 558, Elm City Robo Squad, of New Haven, Connecticut, USA!

You can join the conversation by submitting questions for the Q&A portion of the show by Facebook, Twitter, and during the live show in Twitch chat.


Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL

The deadline for submitting for the Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL is coming up this Thursday, December 7th at 3 PM Eastern Time!  See all the details here. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your Safety message shown at our events!


FIRST Championship Housing

As we said in this blog, the preview for Championship housing is available right now. And starting this Thursday, December 7th, at Noon Eastern Time, FRC teams will be able to register for Championship housing.


When you are getting ready to register, please remember you will only be allowed to register for the Championship location to which you’ve been assigned, based on the location of your team. Don’t know which Championship location that is? Check out the 2018 map on the second page of this document.




*Hey, maybe we’ll give you a clue about the upcoming build season!**

** No we won’t

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Many of our schools block Twitch access.  Is there any other way of accessing the valuable information being provided by Behind the Lines?  

Hi Chris! We understand the frustration about schools blocking Twitch. We have had good success at many schools requesting that it get unblocked because of its educational content. One thing that many schools have success with is asking for it to be unblocked at specific times (during our broadcasts, for instance). Although it isn't as group friendly, the content could be viewed outside the school (at home, at a sponsor space, on a cell phone, etc). Thanks! Jamee

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