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We Want Game Concepts and FIRST TV

Aug 07, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick


We Want Game Concepts

Do you have a FIRST Robotics Competition game concept that’s the best idea since grilled cheese?*

Now’s your chance to show it to us! Fill out this concept form (this link will download a word document) and email the completed form to not later than Wednesday, August 15th. The form should be self-explanatory, but don’t worry about getting everything right. And please keep your submission to one page. You don’t need to go into great detail. Cut to the essence of your idea. Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address in only about two minutes. Surely you can say what you need to on one piece of paper.

Hey, maybe get some of your team members together and make this a team submission!

While FIRST staff and some volunteers will also be generating concepts, we’re looking for a high volume of ideas to whittle down to the lucky few that will be added to our ‘bench’ of best game concepts to draw from in the future. The concepts on the bench aren’t designated for specific years; they just give us a head start when it comes time. Also, the concepts you submit do not need to be themed, though it’s fine if they are. We find we can usually modify concepts to fit themes as required.

Good luck! Let’s see those submissions!


The next episode of FIRST TV will be broadcast today, August 7, at 7 PM ET. Tune in here!

I’ll be on again, along with Alex Herreid, FRC Software Engineer. We’ll be talking about the move to virtual fields for kickoff, game concept submissions, my recent trip to the off-season event and China, and who knows, maybe grilled cheese.

Check us out; we’re sure to be having some fun!


* Mayo or butter? Or, heck, pineapple? Some of you people seem to want to put pineapple everywhere, so why not.

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Our team and I'm sure a lot of other teams don't meet during the summer. Name that planet and especially suggesting a game concept is something we've wanted to do for a while, but during the summer it's really hard for us to get everyone together even though I know the kids want to do this.

Why are we getting deadlines that end before school starts up again?


PS - Watergame

Hey Tom, sorry about those deadlines! They are driven by our schedules here at HQ. We need the planet named before we can finish the teaser, which we hope to release in early September, and selecting the name out of the many suggestions we are receiving will be a process in itself. Same challenge with game concept submissions. We have a two-day workshop scheduled the week of August 20th to review those concepts so we need them submitted the week before. I would have liked to have given more time on concept submissions, but honestly, I didn't think of this until later than I should have.

What about Kepler 186f? The closest planet to Earth (in terms of atmosphere and distance from sun, not geographically).

Great suggestion! Please share using the instructions provided in the here:

Are teams/people allowed to submit more than one game ideas? My team's mentor came up with three ideas and my team has two ideas on its own.


- Paige

Hi Paige! Great question! Anyone may submit any number of Game Concept ideas! And we welcome them all! However, we do ask that teams only submit ONE Name the Planet Contest ideas. Thanks! Jamee

I have a very well thought out game that is almost completely  done . I would like to suggest it for 2025. I am j

just curious to see if First is still taking game ideas. 

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