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Pride Month

Jun 03, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition




FIRST is celebrating Pride Month! Check out this thoughtful and important Inspire blog by Dr. Janell Catlin, our Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

As Janell says in the blog, this month we’ve partnered with LQBTQ+ of FIRST. This “is a student run organization that seeks to create a safe and educated space for LGBTQ+ students, mentors, and volunteers of FIRST Robotics.” Check out their great resources page for suggestions on how to get help in a crisis, educational tools, and answers to common questions! And they will be sharing their perspectives throughout the month on the FIRST Community Blog and social media channels. I’m a huge fan of this group!

And, did you notice the FIRST Logo has been updated  for Pride Month? Yep. You can download your own Pride logos and stickers on the FIRST Brand and Logo page. Take a look!


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Thank you for your continued support of the LGBTQ+ community within FIRST. If possible, could you and some of your co-workers at FIRST HQ comment on why you support these students, and what these inclusivity initiatives mean to you? Also, can you share some of your favorite resources for increasing inclusion within the STEM community?





I could not find FIRST Pride logos on the 'FIRST Brand and Logo page' link, could you please direct me to where I can download these images?


While the logos are no longer on the website, anyone can get them by emailing

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