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2016 Safety Animation Award Competition Details

Nov 02, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Hello teams!

Frank Answers Friday: Chairman's Award Deadline

Oct 30, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Today’s good question comes from Jacob Bendicksen, a member of FRC Team 1540, the Flaming Chickens, from Portland, Oregon, USA


Hi Frank,

2016 Motor Controllers

Oct 29, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff


Today’s blog post was written by Kate Pilotte, FIRST Robotics Competition’s Kit of Parts Manager.

You may have noticed that every now and then we release information about a season before its Kickoff; sometimes it’s because we think it’s just that helpful to know ahead of time, sometimes it’s because we’re being playful, and sometimes it’s an accident.

This instance is the first one.

We want you to know that the list of legal motor controllers for the 2016 season is expanding.

International Teams -- Game Piece Option

Oct 28, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Today’s blog post was written by Daniela Dimova, International Coordinator.

Help a PhD Student complete her Dissertation

Oct 23, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Purdue PhD student, Lara Cheng, as part of her dissertation, is researching how FRC teams approach robot performance analysis for operational assessment and scouting, and how they utilize the information they collect. If you are an FRC Mentor 18 years of age or older, you can help! Please click this link to fill out a brief survey. We will share the results of Lara’s research when they become available.

The survey closes on 11/08 at 11:59PM EST.



myRIO Expansion Port – It’s back!

Oct 22, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

2016 Teaser and Safety Animation

Oct 21, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Five for FIRST

Oct 15, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Hello teams!

I hope most of you have had a chance to see the 2016 FRC Season Teaser released last night with the help of our friends at GameSense. If not, you can find it here. The GameSense crew and their guests seemed to be having a good time with the teaser, and I’ll tell you the FIRST staff who watched the show was having a good time watching the community have a good time.

The Teaser is Coming!

Oct 14, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Today’s the big day for the 2016 Season teaser world premiere! You’ll be able to see it at 9PM EST on GameSense. Thanks, again, to GameSense, for hosting this event! It’s going to be a fantastic party! As I said before, I think you will not want to miss this, it will be a big deal. 

Pit Set-Up and Trophies

Oct 13, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Pit Set-Up at Events

We have heard from some in the community that they would like to be able to set up their pits during what would traditionally be a load-in only period the afternoon or evening before events officially start. After considering this carefully, and getting feedback from the Regional Directors, we’ve decided to make this a local option.