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FIRST Robotics Competition and Core Values

Dec 22, 2015 Written by Frank Merrick

I believe much of the strength of FRC lies in our culture, and that this culture has its foundation in our Core Values. As we grow, both in the number of teams participating and our geographic reach, I think it’s important we keep the focus on our values, to help ensure we stay strong where it matters most. A short time ago, I asked the Woodie Flowers Award recipients if they would like to write statement about FIRST being ‘more than the rules’ for us to share with the community. This is what they came back with. I think it’s fantastic.

Interested in Apple Camp?

Dec 21, 2015 Written by Michelle Long

We’re excited to let you know that FIRST has been offered the opportunity to nominate applicants for a camp hosted by Apple this summer. Details (and the application) are on our Alumni site, but here are some core nuggets:

Website Transition and Blog Comments

Dec 19, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

As we continue to transition to the new website with all its capabilities, we wanted to let you know that comments are live on the FIRST Robotics Competition Blog! This is great news for our community as we close in on Kickoff so we can continue to have conversations with each other in the public forum.

Security Breach at Kickoff Filming

Dec 17, 2015 Written by Frank Merrick

At Kickoff filming recently, at which we had a full, official, FIRST STRONGHOLD field set up, we caught an individual attempting to surreptitiously capture video. Luckily, we were able to stop him and confiscate it before he got too far. However, in reviewing the video, we recognized he didn’t record anything confidential, so we decided to release it. Here it is:

2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Administrative Manual

Dec 17, 2015 Written by Frank Merrick

Hello Teams,

Please find the link to the PDF files of the 2016 FRC Admin Manual Sections 1 to 6 below. Section 7, 'Team Advancement' will follow shortly. We're publishing them as PDFs now because we wanted to get them to you sooner than we could if we waited to get these documents entered and formatted in our standard FRC Manual system.

I'll admit the Admin Manual isn't usually too exciting*, but you should read it completely through anyway, as it is important, and we do have some items of note this season:

FIRST Championship Badging and Housing Registration Problems

Dec 16, 2015 Written by Frank Merrick

Some teams experienced problems yesterday when they attempted to register for the 2016 FIRST Championship. I apologize for that. In researching the issue, we discovered that an incomplete team list was sent to our registration partner, Experient. The ‘snapshot’ of team data was initially taken in early November, but not updated afterward as it should have been, due to communication issues internal to FIRST.

Best Practices After Kickoff

Dec 14, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

We're using today's blog to let you know that GameSense's next "Behind the Lines" episode is this Wednesday, 9:00pm EST, 12/16/2015.

Their guest is Ken Stafford from FRC190, an original and sustaining team. The show will focus on a great way to maximize your team's effectiveness in the first few days after Kickoff. Ken will cover game and strategic analysis, brainstorming, and the creative process.

Pre-Kickoff Virtual Kit Items

Dec 09, 2015 Today's post is from the FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts Team.


We’re blogging today to announce the go-live date for pre-Kickoff Virtual Kit items. Items are included as part of the Kit of Parts system and are available to all registered and secured 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition teams. They consist of software licenses/downloads and Product Donation Vouchers (aka “PDVs” or “vouchers”) and will be posted to the Virtual Kit of Parts site tomorrow, December 10, 2015 (noon Eastern).

Championship Badging and Housing Registration Opening

Dec 08, 2015 Written by Frank Merrick

It’s already time to start registering for the 2016 FIRST Championship!

Behind the Lines: Season 2, Episode 5

Dec 02, 2015 Today's blog post was written by Jamee Luce, FIRST Robotics Competition Team Advocate

Join GameSense and FIRST for the fifth episode of Behind The Lines, Season 2! LIVE Tonight, 12/2/15 from 9 to 10 PM ET!

This week, we will be talking about Mechanism Design with our three awesome guests:

Lucien Junkin: from Team 118 on Intakes

Allen Gregory: from Team 3847 on Shooters

Adam Heard: from Team 973 on Arms