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The 2021 Judging Process

Nov 24, 2020 Written by Fiona Hanlon, FIRST Robotics Competition Program Specialist

We hope everyone is getting excited for this very different season. We released information previously about the season’s offerings here. Teams have the opportunity to compete remotely for awards amongst all of our At Home Challenges as well as the traditionally submitted awards. The process will be a little different this year and we wanted to share a little more information about the judging process, so our teams know what to expect.

2021 Motors, Controllers, and MXP Boards

Nov 19, 2020 Written by Kevin O'Connor, Senior Robotics Engineer, FIRST Robotics Competition

While we know this unique season may mean that many teams are not following their usual pattern of stocking up in preparation for Kickoff, we still want to help you make informed decisions by letting you know what actuator controllers, MXP boards, and motors will be legal this season.

Get in the Game!

Nov 11, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition

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As of this writing, more than 2,000 FIRST Robotics Competition teams from around the world are going to be joining us for the 2021 season. 

Virtual Kit 2021

Nov 06, 2020 Written by Kate Pilotte, Sr. Kit of Parts Manager

In a year just like any other year… wait, nope.

In a year where norms are out the window, we’ve decided release information about what y’all can expect in the 2021 Virtual Kit of Parts. 

Additional COVID-19 Guidance for FIRST Robotics Teams

Nov 03, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition

Just like the other FIRST Programs, FIRST Robotics Competition has developed a document to help navigate this season during the pandemic.

Safety Animation Award Theme and other Award updates

Oct 22, 2020 Written by Jamee Luce, Team Advocate, FIRST Robotics Competition.

The Safety Animation Award theme is here! Plus, other awards updates to share!

2021 Beta Testing and 2020 Data Usage Reporting

Oct 16, 2020 Written by Kevin O'Connor, Senior Robotics Engineer, FIRST Robotics Competition.

We are looking for beta testers for the 2021 control system! The initial deadline is October 23, however the form will remain open and teams may be admitted on a rolling basis until capacity is reached. Plus check out all the robot data from 2020!

FIRST WPILib Documentation expands to include more languages plus FIRST Game Jam

Oct 15, 2020 Written by Taylor Brown, Program Coordinator, FIRST Robotics Competition.

A Message from the Woodie Flowers Award Winners

Oct 13, 2020 Written by Liz Calef, 1997 WFA, and Lucien Junkin, 2020 WFA.

An important message from the Woodie Flowers Award Winners.

The FIRST Innovation Challenge presented by Qualcomm

Oct 08, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick.

We are excited to work with Qualcomm, a long-time FIRST Strategic Partner, on our new Innovation Challenge! Plus, exciting changes to the Dean's List nomination process!