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GENERATOR SWITCH Sensor Modifications

Mar 11, 2020 Written by Kelly Carlson, Mechanical Engineer, FIRST Robotics Competition.

An important update about the GENERATOR SWITCH Sensors.

Week 1, Power Cells, and Science Park Taichung Regional

Mar 04, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick.

Information about game pieces for INFINITE RECHARGE and an announcement about the Science Park Taichung Regional.

Online Non-Medical Incident Reporting

Feb 28, 2020 Written by Fiona Hanlon, Program Specialist, FIRST Robotics Competition.

Important updates about the Non-Medical Incident Report form.

Control System Update

Feb 25, 2020 Written by Kate Pilotte, Senior Kit of Parts Manager, FIRST Robotics Competition.

An exciting update about Control System for 2022 through 2026!

Star Wars Branding

Feb 24, 2020 Written by Kevin Walther, Brand Manager, FIRST Marketing.

Information about the Star Wars branding.

2020 INFINITE RECHARGE Audience Displays

Feb 19, 2020 Written by Danny Diaz, FIRST Robotics Competition Senior System Engineer.

All the details you will need to know for the INFINITE RECHARGE Audience Displays!

Week Zero, Stop Build Day, and those FIRST RISE Stickers!

Feb 17, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick.

The Week Zero event was a success! Plus, a note about the Stop Build Day Retirement, and don't forget to include the FIRST RISE stickers on your robots!

Digital Animation Award, Resources, Merch, and Week 0

Feb 12, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick.

Congratulations to the 2020 Digital Animation Award Winner, Team 1317! Plus new resources published, lots of new merchandise available, and Week 0 is Saturday, February 15!

The Coronavirus

Jan 30, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick

I’m sure many of you have been following the world-wide news about the new coronavirus, 2019-nCoV.

Travel Travel Travel

Jan 22, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick.

Get your #FIRSTTravelBuddy, reserve your hotel rooms, and have loads of fun! Plus, there's still Regionals with space, so sign up today for additional plays this season!