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Thanks and Welcome!

Oct 23, 2017 Written by Volunteer Resources.


Second Event Preference Results and Drive Base Opt-Out

Oct 19, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick

Second Event Preference Results

The second round of event assignments have been completed, and all went smoothly! Huzzah!

Last Chance for Second Round Preference Submissions and Some Data

Oct 18, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick

Behind the Lines Episode 2

Oct 17, 2017 Written by RoboSportsNetwork.

Details about the Behind The Lines episode that airs Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 8pm ET!

Stay with FIRST: Event Housing and Travel

Oct 17, 2017 Written by Ron Falcone.

Get the most up to date information about the Event Housing and Travel offered by FIRST and Experient.

Important Deadlines Coming Up!

Oct 16, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick.

Don't forget to get your second round preferences in before Noon Eastern Thursday, October 19th. Remember to check your drive base option before Noon Eastern Friday, October 20th.

Mexico City Regional Canceled and Second Round of Event Preferencing

Oct 13, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick.

Update on the Mexico City Regional and Second-Round Event Preference System is now open.

Drive Base Opt Out: Take 2

Oct 12, 2017 Written by Kate Pilotte, Kit of Parts Manager


We had more than 1,000 teams participate in the drive base opt out last week.

That was fun, right? So much fun we’re going to open it back up… for two reasons.

Second Round of Preferencing Opening

Oct 10, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick

Edit: 10/10/17, 2:35p to 3rd bullet for improved clarity.

The Backfire Effect

Oct 06, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick

I learned something interesting this week.

Wikipedia has an entry on ‘common misconceptions’ which I found interesting. Before I provide the link, I should give you a warning that one of the misconceptions, out of the many listed, is about the etymology of commonly heard, but vulgar, word. If you think seeing this word will bother you, please don’t click. If you are OK with seeing this word, here’s the link.