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FIRST Alum Spotlight: Michelle Hawley

May 10, 2018 Written by FIRST Strategic Partner, Rockwell Collins

FIRST Alum Michelle Hawley is an industrial engineer for Commercial Systems at Rockwell Collins, a FIRST Strategic Partner. 

FIRST Scholarship Provider: SpaceX

May 09, 2018 Written by FIRST Scholarship Provider SpaceX

Want to get a heads start on a dream job at SpaceX? ​Check out the SpaceX FIRST Scholarship

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Jeremy Shikarides

May 07, 2018 Written by FIRST Staff

FIRST Alum Jeremy Shikarides joined his high school’s rookie FIRST Robotics Competition team, Team 5943 “Bad News Gears”.

2019!! And a Little 2018…

May 04, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.

The 2019 game is here!

Detroit Wrap Up and Volunteer Thanks

May 01, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.

Congratulations to our Chairman's Award Winners at FIRST Championship Detroit, Team 2834, the Bionic Black Hawks! Congratulations to our winning alliance and ALL the volunteers that made the FIRST Championship possible!



One Sunday night in July 1969, one billion people huddled around their radios and TV screens in awe as we walked on the moon for the first time.

In that moment, the world was united in celebration of human ingenuity and inspired by the possibility that by working together, we can quite literally reach the stars.


Blast off with FIRST Launch 2019: Gather your squad today.



I Got Mine and You Can Unbag Yours

Apr 24, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.

We had some delicious pizza in Detroit! Also, there will be no bag checks for our FIRST Championship Detroit teams!